Fiscal Responsiblity

Ken Jenkins believes in operating our government most efficiently within our means. The current county executive has been dipping into Westchester's discretionary fund as a way to avoid raising taxes. Ken will fight to ensure that government is spending its money wisely, for projects that will improve the quality of life of everyone in Westchester County. 


In recent years, proper management of roads, parks, and other public property has fallen by the wayside. Your tax dollars serve as insurance that your county government will maintain all properties to the highest standards of safety and usability. This neglect of your basic right to proper infrastructure has become hazardous, and Ken Jenkins will use your taxes to make your community safe and well-maintained. 

Public Safety

Unsatisfactory attention to public safety is yet another consequence of the current administration's misuse of the county budget. The county is currently experiencing a freeze on police hires, and a decrease in size of the Narcotics Unit. This lack of attention comes at a time when opioid deaths in Westchester County are at an all time high. Ken Jenkins believes that county police officers are not just "nice to have", but provide a required service to the community. Ken will not play games with your continued safety. 

Gun Regulations

Ken Jenkins has made it his top priority to ensure that only those responsible enough to handle guns, have access to them. To make guns available to those with a history of domestic violence, mental illness, or unstable behavior is a threat to our public safety. Ken Jenkins has worked tirelessly to stop the perpetuation of deadly weapons in Westchester County, starting with sponsoring legislation to prohibit gun shows on county property. 


Westchester is a diverse, tolerant, and tight-knit community. Recent efforts by the federal government to bar certain groups of people from entering our country are unacceptable. Trump-Lovin County Executive Rob Astorino has agreed with these efforts, and that is unacceptable. Ken Jenkins will fight to maintain diversity and tolerance as integral values of Westchester County. 

Airport Privatization

County Executive Rob Astorino's plan to let a private company take over the Westchester County Airport shortchanges you. Astorino means to rush into a deal, giving away an important County asset to cover holes in his proposed budget. The deal is flawed, and costs Westchester over $100 million in airport revenues. 


As a part of New York state, Westchester County is committed to fully accepting immigrants. After all, we share the state with Ellis Island -- a place synonymous with immigrants and responsible for accepting millions into the United States. Ken Jenkins knows that our diversity is our greatest strength and will work to ensure that we do not turn our backs on those who need our help. 

In Westchester County, our citizens are important to us. The development and growth of the social services branch is an important way to show Westchester County citizens that we care about them and their families. Ken Jenkins believes that by expanding these services those who use the programs and Westchester as a whole will flourish.


Social Services

Child care

One thing a working parent is always thinking about is the safety and well-being of their children in child care. With everything else parents deal with, they should not be subject to punishing child care fees and policies. Ken Jenkins will work to make sure that child care is available, affordable, and allows parents to continue to work. 


Senior citizens are a vital part of the Westchester County community. We need to raise awareness against their mistreatment and work to rebuild the faltering system our senior citizens are dealing with every day.


Like countless counties around the country, Westchester County has faced its own share of high unemployment rates. Although the rate has continued to decrease since its peak in 2010, thousands of residents of Westchester continue to struggle with unemployment. Ken Jenkins will fight to implement measures that will ensure the unemployment rate returns to a healthy status.

Public Transportation

The inconsistencies and difficulties faced by those who use public transportation have gone on for long enough. Westchester residents are forced to pay for extra and go through extra hoops just to get to work on time, so enough is enough. Ken Jenkins is determined to work with the transportation industry to improve reliability for all of Westchester County.

Affordable housing

Affordable housing is one of the most important issues that is affecting Westchester County, and the rest of the United States. We need to make sure that all of our residents have decent and affordable places to live in, especially given the alarming rates of poverty and homelessness in our region. Ken Jenkins will strive to ensure that affordable housing is a possibility for everyone in the county.