For immediate release: June 1, 2017

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Candidate for County Executive Ken Jenkins Responds to President’s Decision to Withdraw from Paris Climate Accords

Jenkins Pledges to Keep Westchester County in Accords

Ken Jenkins, candidate for County Executive, responds to news that President Trump will pull out of the Paris Climate Accords.

“This is a major setback in international efforts to combat climate change,” said Jenkins. “The question is not whether government ‘should’ work to deter climate change. At all levels, governments should be working to preserve and protect the environment for future generations to live.”

Jenkins has long been an advocate for establishing environmentally friendly policies in Westchester.  On the Board, Jenkins sponsored and passed legislation that requires County to use fuel efficient, emission reduced vehicles. He also enacted tax credits for those using solar power and sponsored legislation that puts Electric Vehicle charging stations all County parking lots.

 “Even in my private life, I have worked to diminish my carbon footprint,” said Jenkins. “I drive a car that runs solely on electricity. My family and I have installed solar panels in our home, to take advantage of the greenest energy options. I have led by example on the Board of Legislators, as well as in my own home.”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio this morning announced his intent to keep New York City a part of the accords by executive order. Jenkins plans to continue to advance the environmental agenda of the Paris Climate Accords, even if the federal government pulls out.

“We must not let the federal government’s dangerous policies continue to put us, along with future generations, at risk,” said Jenkins. “I pledge to continue to honor the Accords, regardless of today’s outcome. I challenge County Executive Astorino to reject this horrible Trump plan and do the same.”


For Immediate Release: Apr. 27, 2017
Contact: Peter Brown,, 718-419-4590

Ken Jenkins, Candidate for County Executive, Responds to ICE Request for County Jail Beds

Trump Administration Policies Begin to Hit Westchester

Ken Jenkins, Westchester County Legislator and Candidate for County Executive was appalled at the news that ICE has inquired about using Westchester County jail beds for holding undocumented immigrants. The signal of increased ICE raids has residents rightly afraid in Westchester and the surrounding counties.

“Westchester must stand strong,” said Jenkins. “Several years ago, the Federal government eliminated use of County facilities to hold federal inmates because they could accommodate in their own facilities. We must not allow our County resources to be used to intimidate. This is yet another reason why Westchester must work to provide a safe and inclusive community for all who live here. We cannot let the Trump administration make our residents afraid to leave their homes, or live their lives.”

ICE is the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. The agency is making headlines as raids and deportations have increased in frequency throughout the country. These increases coincide with President Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric. The raids indiscriminately break up families and deport otherwise law-abiding residents. Many undocumented immigrants who have lived here their whole lives are afraid to leave their homes as the threat of a raid looms over their heads. These raids have driven great fear into communities of Latinos, and other groups usually targeted for ICE raids.

“So far, the Trump Administration’s discriminatory policies have not taken root at home,” said Jenkins. “We on the Board of Legislators have worked to make sure we stop these policies from affecting our people. Here in Westchester we are willing, ready, and able to stand up and reject policies that do not coincide with our values. We need to do more to make sure that our residents are protected from bigoted leaders who do not have their best interests at heart.”

Ken Jenkins has been a strong advocate for bringing Westchester to “Sanctuary County” status. On the Board of Legislators, Jenkins has sponsored the Immigration Protection Act, outlining ways the County government can protect undocumented residents. The bill prohibits County resources from being used for any Federally-mandated law that goes against the best interests of the people of Westchester County.

“Now more than ever we need to unite and pass this legislation,” said Jenkins. “Chairman Kaplowitz needs to make it his immediate priority to send this bill to the floor for a vote. We need to start fighting back.” 

For Immediate Release: Apr. 19, 2017
Contact: Peter Brown,, 718-419-4590

Ministers Fellowship Council Endorses Ken Jenkins, Candidate for County Executive

Another Boost for the Jenkins Campaign

The White Plains Fellowship Council on Wednesday endorsed Ken Jenkins in his campaign for County Executive. Below is the content of their letter.

We write to proudly and definitively endorse Ken Jenkins for County Executive. His historic candidacy against the alt-right incumbent is one we should all have our eyes on; he is without question the candidate we should all support.
We are members of African American clergy who represent more than 3,000 congregants across Westchester County. We have known Ken for most of his career. He is a dedicated public servant who has proven, in his elected position on the County Board, that he’s a smart and effective leader. He is a devoted family man who has raised his three children in Westchester County. And he is genuine in his devotion to his community, as he has proven through years of activity with non-profit organization and associations.
We all know that there are more Democrats here in Westchester than Republicans. President Obama won Westchester County 63% to 35% in 2008, and 60% to 38% in 2012. To look for reasons for Mr. Astorino’s victory as our County Executive, then, we must look inward, at ourselves. This is our seat to lose and lose it we have. It’s time to change that.
Ken is right on the issues. He introduced and fought for the immigrant protection act to bring us closer to becoming a sanctuary county. He fought hard for safeguards against fiscal mismanagement. He knows that lowering taxes and sound fiscal management are for many the most important issue, and under his leadership, our taxes were lowered.
Ken often says that government should be four things: smart, compassionate, prudent, and effective. Astorino has proven, time and time again, that he’s able to achieve none of these. Ken does, and he has proven it is so. We urge you, and all Democrats, to support him for County Executive.

This endorsement adds to an outpouring of support, including endorsements from, most recently, Legislator Alfreda Williams and Legislator Lyndon Williams, Councilwoman Nadine Hunt-Robinson, as well as the Yonkers Democratic City Committee, Assemblyman Gary Pretlow, and the Yonkers Black Democrats.

“What a great honor to receive this endorsement,” said Jenkins. “I look forward to working with the Ministers Fellowship Council, and their congregants, in the years to come, as we work together to make Westchester a better place.”

For immediate release: Apr. 10, 2017
Contact: Peter Brown,, 718-419-4590

Westchester County Legislator and Majority Leader Catherine Borgia Announces Support for Ken Jenkins

Ken Jenkins Campaign for County Executive Continues to Pick Up Endorsements

Board of Legislators Majority Leader Catherine Borgia today announced her enthusiastic endorsement of Ken Jenkins for County Executive and appealed to fellow Democrats to do the same.

“Our County Executive oversees our economy, our public safety funds, immigration, and transportation infrastructure,” said Legislator Borgia. “He decides on the condition of the roads, and the number of cops on the street. This is the highest office in the County, and it demands someone with the drive, experience, and energy to do it well. Ken is that person.”

Legislator Borgia represents District 9, which includes Cortlandt, Croton on Hudson, Ossining, Briarcliff Manor, and Peekskill. As Leader, she co-chairs the Board of Legislators Rules Committee and Families Task Force.

“Ken is the best choice for all people, across Westchester,” said Borgia. “He should be the candidate that we all rally around in Westchester because he truly wants to make his home a better place. Ken has been working for Westchester for more than a decade, standing up for what’s right, proposing policy and sponsoring legislation that always puts our County first.”

Legislator Ken Jenkins has received a wave of Democratic support throughout the County over the last few weeks, picking up endorsements from the Yonkers Democratic City Committee and the Black Democrats of Westchester. Prominent Democrats in the County, like County Legislators Lyndon Williams and Alfreda Williams, and Assembly member Gary Pretlow, have thrown their support behind the Jenkins campaign as well.

“I have worked with Legislator Borgia for many years,” said Jenkins. “She believes strongly in creating jobs through investment in our County’s infrastructure and protecting the environment. I am honored by my esteemed colleague’s endorsement.”

For immediate release: Mar. 31, 2017

Contact: Peter Brown,, 718-419-4590

Westchester County Legislator Lyndon Williams Announces Support for  
Ken Jenkins for County Executive

The Jenkins Campaign Continues to Pick Up Momentum

Today, County Legislator Lyndon Williams has announced his strong support for Ken Jenkins, Candidate for Westchester County Executive.

“Ken has worked effectively on the County Board of Legislators over the past ten years, during which time we have worked together to pass meaningful legislation for Westchester,” said County Legislator Lyndon Williams.

Legislator Williams is a well-respected representative from Mount Vernon. He has worked with Ken on the County Board of Legislators for almost ten years.

“Ken’s insight and understanding of the challenges we face, and how to respond to them, is what sets him apart. His willingness to examine the issues, and listen closely to the public's questions and concerns, puts him in the position to lead,” said Legislator Williams. “Working with him on the Board of Legislators, I can already see the good he will do as County Executive.”

Legislator Williams is a Democrat, and he has most notably championed major legislative initiatives in the areas of economic development, tax relief for residents, housing, and crime prevention.

This endorsement adds to an outpouring of support, including endorsements from, most recently, Legislator Alfreda Williams, as well as the Yonkers Democratic City Committee, Assemblyman Gary Pretlow, and the Yonkers Black Democrats.

“Lyndon Williams and I have a similar vision for Westchester, a healthy economy free of bad deals,” said Jenkins. “I am grateful and honored by his support, and look forward to working together when I am in the County Executive’s office.”


For immediate release: Mar. 31, 2017
Contact: Peter Brown,, 718-419-4590

Westchester County Legislator Alfreda Williams Backs Ken Jenkins for County Executive

Gaining Speed on the Jenkins Campaign

Alfreda Williams, a Westchester County Board Legislator, today enthusiastically announced her endorsement of Ken Jenkins for Westchester County Executive.

“Since his first day on the Board more than 10 years ago, Ken’s dedication to those issues that impact us most has been unmatched,” said Williams. “Under Ken’s leadership, the Board of Legislators doubled the administration’s proposed tax relief and beat back outsourcing critical services—a plan that would have cost taxpayers millions. We could not have done it without him.”

Legislator Williams is a democrat from Greenburgh who has lead the fight for child care cost increases for parents.

“Ken’s a well-respected pillar of his community. He is intelligent and efficient. Most importantly, he is always putting Westchester’s best interests first.”

The endorsement adds to a wave of support for Jenkins’ campaign, with endorsements from the Yonkers Democratic City Committee, Assemblyman Gary Pretlow, and the Yonkers Black Democrats.

“I’m honored to have Legislator Williams’ support. She’s a remarkable public servant who works every day to educate our kids and keep our community safe,” said Jenkins. “It is wonderful to have her backing, and I look forward to working with her for many years to come.”


For immediate release: Mar. 27, 2017
Contact: Peter Brown,, 718-419-4590

Assemblyman Gary Pretlow Endorses Ken Jenkins for County Executive

Jenkins Campaign Continues to Gain  Support

Assemblyman Gary Pretlow today endorsed Ken Jenkins in the election for Westchester County Executive.

“I have known and worked with Ken for several years, and he is one of the most effective and responsive leaders I have ever worked with," said Pretlow.

The endorsement comes on the heels of the Yonkers Democratic City Committee, which was announced late last week.

“Assemblyman Pretlow’s hard work and dedication to his constituents is a model we should all follow,” said Jenkins. “I look forward to working with him to deliver real and impactful results to Westchester County in the years to come.”

Ken is the only announced Democratic candidate in the race to replace Rob Astorino, who made news recently for suffering eye-popping financial losses in his management of the Westchester airport.

 “Ken is the fighter we need to take on the Trump agenda here in Westchester,” said Pretlow. “He has worked to decrease our taxes and improve the economy.He’s fought hard for day care services, health services, women’s health services. He’s fought hard for immigrant protection, and ensuring a fair and open society. Now more than ever, we need Ken Jenkins as our County Executive.”

For immediate release: Mar. 23, 2017
Contact: Peter Brown,, 718-419-4590

Yonkers Democratic City Committee Endorses Ken Jenkins for County Executive

The Jenkins Campaign picks up even more momentum

The Yonkers Democratic City Committee has thrown their enthusiastic support behind Ken Jenkins for Westchester County Executive.

“Ken is the very picture of what a public official should be,” said Tom Meier, Sr. Chair of the Yonkers Democrats. “He is a smart, dedicated legislator who has proven, time and time again, that he has what it takes to beat Astorino and put Westchester back on track.”

The Jenkins’ campaign has been picking up steam with added staff, and in influx of hundreds of volunteers in a show of grassroots support. Ken has been crisscrossing the district, attending as many as 3 meetings a night with Democratic leaders from New Rochelle to Ossining.

“Yonkers is my home, and it is a true honor to have the support of the Yonkers Democrats,” said Jenkins, upon receiving the endorsement. “This is going to be the largest grassroots campaign Westchester County has ever seen, and with this endorsement, we’re off to the races.”

“Ken is a strong advocate for the people of Yonkers, and all the people of Westchester County,” said Meier. “Today, more than ever, we need a leader that will create opportunities for ALL its residents.”

For immediate release: Mar. 10, 2017

Contact: Peter Brown,, 718-419-4590

Jenkins Questions County Legislator Marcotte’s FOIL Request

Marcotte’s Actions Put Her at Odds with Millions of Women Across the Globe

County Legislator and candidate for County Executive Ken Jenkins today questioned both the purpose and manner of fellow County Legislator Shelia Marcotte and her FOIL request for email records pertaining to International Women’s Day, which was Mar. 8.

Marcotte’s request demands that staff turn over the records of County and personal emails from Mar. 7, the day before International Women’s Day, when millions of women across the world took personal days to stand together to support workplace equality.

“Ms. Marcotte must not recognize the goal of International Women’s Day -- a fair and equal society,” said Jenkins. “Women who chose to participate did so on their own time. I support them 100%. It’s a powerful way to bring recognition to pay inequities, and work towards gender-balanced leadership here in Westchester, and across the world.”

Jenkins, along with a group of colleagues sponsored legislation to require safe access to health clinics for women in Westchester who seek care. This legislation is essential as President Trump and Vice President Pence, both strong opponents of a woman’s right to choose, have already begun to attack women’s health and reproductive rights on a national level. Ms. Marcotte, a Republican from District 10, voted against the legislation. She is supported by County Executive of Rob Astorino, who is supported by Donald Trump and his administration. County Executive Rob Astorino vetoed the legislation, calling it unnecessary.

“I can see not wanting to take part, that’s a matter of personal prerogative,” said Jenkins. “And sure, I’ll comply with her FOIL request. But I’ll count the time I, along with my staff, spend to comply, multiply it by 10, and spend that much time fighting for workplace equality. She can consider that a tribute.”

 “I urge Ms. Marcotte and Rob Astorino to keep their eyes on the ball,” Jenkins said in closing. “The challenges ahead are many. The people of Westchester need us all to remain steadfast and focused on eliminating inequities for women.”

jenkins_logo_westchester_opt (1).png

For immediate release: Mar. 9, 2017
Contact: Peter Brown,, 718-419-4590

County Executive Candidate Ken Jenkins calls out Astorino for Leaving the County Unprotected

Budget Mismanagement Puts the Public at Risk

County Executive Rob Astorino announced with fanfare this week that he has “cleared the way” for five open County Police spots to be filled. The problem, of course, is that 15 spots are budgeted to satisfy the county’s safety needs. Five new officers is far from what Westchester needs.  

“Spots for county police are not budgeted as a suggestion,” said Jenkins, who is running to replace Astorino. “The allocated budget is directly proportionate to what’s necessary for public safety.”

Ken, along with Democrats on the Board of Legislators, has been pushing Astorino to fill the budgeted County Police spots for more than a year. Public safety priorities, especially in the scarcely-patrolled county parks, has been a major concern. County police only have the resources to respond to 911 calls that come from the parks, and not enough to have officers patrolling the parks.

“Astorino says that this is a result of ‘ongoing management’,” Ken said. “Well, his management puts us all at risk. It’s time for him to go.”

The county police must provide the highest level of service while understaffed. In the event of a catastrophe, an understaffed county police department may not be able to respond in a timely manner, leaving citizens under-protected. 

“Westchester residents all suffer the consequences of Astorino’s mismanaged budget and priorities,” said Jenkins. “We need to demand better.”

For immediate release: Mar. 6, 2017

Contact: Peter Brown,, 718-419-4590

Democratic Candidate for County Executive Ken Jenkins Receives the Endorsement of the Black Democrats of Westchester

 Another Boost for the Jenkins Campaign

The Black Democrats of Westchester on Saturday announced their enthusiastic endorsement for Ken Jenkins in his campaign for Westchester County Executive.

“Ken Jenkins is the right man for the job, there’s absolutely no question about it” said Terry Clements, First Vice-Chair of the organization. “Ken has proved, with his dedicated service to the people of Westchester on the Board of Legislators that he’s the right man to take over leadership of the County.”

Ken has served on the Westchester County Board of Legislators since 2007, and during that time has worked tirelessly to ensure that the government is for all the people and plays an efficient and compassionate role in our everyday lives.

“I am honored to receive this endorsement,” said Jenkins. “The Black Democrats’ of Westchester stand for integrity, influence, and tradition, and all three help form the very foundation of my campaign.”

Two issues at the top of Ken’s platform, fiscal responsibility and community services, came to light recently with the Sprain pool re-opening, which his opponent claimed as a victory. But in fact, the community was kept from using a popular family spot for six years, and millions of dollars were wasted because of the illegal delay in reopening it.

“Westchester County should be managed with fairness, and with integrity. This is not the Astorino way,” said Clements. “I have known Ken for years, and trust me when I tell you that it is Ken’s only way.”

The campaign also announced that more endorsements, along with a key policy rollout, are slated for the coming weeks.

“Mine is a campaign by and for the people,” Ken said in closing. “It’s about bringing our beautiful, diverse community together. This endorsement is a recognition symbolizingthose ideals.”

For immediate release: Mar.2, 2017

Contact: Peter Brown,, 718-419-4590

Jenkins for County Executive Campaign Ramps Up

Assembling the Team to Win in November

The Jenkins campaign today announced two significant additions to his team for election as the next Westchester County Executive. The campaign has hit its stride, making pivotal new hires with the election still eight months away.

Joe Montalto has joined the team as Campaign Manager. For more than thirty years, Joe has served New York City, New York State and Westchester County governments. Before he spent time as a New York State Senator representing Brooklyn, Joe began his career serving the Koch Administration in New York City. He then made a move to the New York State Housing Department. Joe left the Housing Department to become a Senior Advisor to two state senate minority leaders and director of the New York State Senate Campaign Committee.

Montalto made the move to Westchester to serve as the deputy commissioner of the Westchester County Parks Department, and worked as the director of the beloved Rye Playland. Joe also brings to the table his vast experience in political campaigns at all levels throughout the state.

“Joe’s expertise is unparalleled,” said Jenkins. “He’ll come in and take the campaign to the next level. His political and governmental experience in Westchester helps us in all areas – strategic, tactical, and operational. He’s the right guy for the job.”

The campaign also announced the hiring of Peter Brown, a Partner at BrownMillerGroup, to handle the campaign’s press operation. Peter, a national-level political operative, brings to the campaign laser-like focus on direct voter contact and targeted communications. 

“Peter has won huge races. He has the breadth of experience we need to get the message out,” Jenkins said. “My campaign will be the most sophisticated grassroots campaign Westchester County has seen,” he added. “With the leadership in place, we are ready to go.

The campaign also announced an updated website, which you can see at

For immediate release: Feb. 28, 2017

Contact: Peter Brown,, 718-419-4590

Democratic Candidate for County Executive Ken Jenkins Denounces Astorino’s Public Forum

Just Another Example of Trump Lovin’ Rob’s Approach to Leadership

Last night’s public forum held by County Executive Rob Astorino was anything but. As was well covered by television cameras, Astorino packed the room with his supporters and locked everyone else out.

But it was inside where things really got interesting. When asked about Nazi paraphernalia at the gun show, he suggested that we’d have to end funding public libraries because they carry some of the same books. And when asked about county efforts to fight anti-Semitism, Astorino said that JCCs should “hire more security”, shrugged and said "What else can I do?"

“Well, he can start with renouncing his support for a president who incites this type of hate to begin with,” said Jenkins. “How about refusing to implement hurtful policies that show callous disregard for tolerance and equality.”

More, Astorino spent untold funds to publicize the forum with mailers and robo calls, yet held it at the White Plains City Hall, which holds 75 people. He easily could have held it as the nearby County Center, which has a much larger occupancy.  

“Everything about it is offensive,” said Jenkins. “One, he locks out the very people who paid for it. Two, he shrugs off hateful acts. And three, he equates gun shows with libraries.”

The public was quick to respond, with hundreds of tweets denouncing Astorino and the event.

“We have not the time for Rob’s PR stunts, and for his cavalier and thoughtless approach to policy. It’s time to get to work, for all of us in Westchester County,” said Jenkins.

For immediate release: Feb. 23, 2017

Contact: Peter Brown,, 718-419-4590

Democratic Candidate Ken Jenkins Denounces County Exec’s Mismanagement on Sprain Pool

Just Another Example of Astorino’s Mismanagement That Costs Us Millions

Ken Jenkins today denounced County Executive Rob Astorino’s management of the re-opening of half of the Sprain Pool. Astorino himself closed the pool more than six years ago, illegally stopping the unanimously approved project, saying he didn’t want to pay to fix it. This delay made the recent restoration many of millions of dollars more expensive than it would have been.

 “First, my opponent deprived the local community of a much-needed and extremely well-attended summer resource for six years,” said Jenkins. “Then, he wasted millions of dollars to fix it. It’s reckless management. It hurts our communities, and it hurts our pocketbooks.”

In Jenkins’ role on the County Legislature, he and colleagues have, since day one of the closing, been urging Astorino to do the right thing. During his six years of indecision, not only did the renovation costs skyrocket; he also green-lighted more-expensive projects of questionable need like the proposed skating rink in his district.

This year is, of course, an election year. Which perhaps explains Astorino’s recent mailer, sent at taxpayers’ expense, touting a phantom achievement with the Sprain pool.  “It’s startling,” said Jenkins. “It spends taxpayers’ money to peddle mistruths about a project on which he wasted millions of taxpayers’ money. It’s embarrassing.”

All the while, Astorino has clearly enjoyed the spotlight while under consideration for a cabinet post with the Trump Administration.  He is good friends with Trump, and has differed rarely with him on management or policy.

“The Sprain pool is only one more example of my opponent’s incompetent management. We have seen it, over and over, for years. It’s time to turn the page in Westchester, and bring real leadership back home,” said Jenkins.